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👨🏼‍💻 Developer:  ZWorkbench, Inc. is a small independent studio based in Pleasant Valley, NY.

🗓 Planned Release Date: August 17, 2017 (Canada, United States, NZ, UK and Australia)

🔗 Website:

📇 Press / Business contact: Chris Garrett

📲 Platforms: iOS (Android version planned)

🔜 App Store:  Download here  (Only in Canada, NZ and Philippines until US launch)

🆓 Price: Free (supported via in app purchase and ads)

👾 Category: Games/Strategy

🚀 Testflight Beta:  Send Chris an email with your Apple ID and he’ll add you.

👨‍👩‍👦‍👦🎞 Twitter:  @mojimatch  Facebook: mojimatch

🕹 Other games by ZWorkbench: QatQi (iOS word game)


Emoji lovers unite!  (And then compete.)

A few simple rules yield surprising strategic depth as players take turns making the highest scoring emoji “words”.  With over 1100 Apple emojis to sample from, each game is unique with its own set of emoji tiles.  Some emojis take on a life of their own, providing color commentary with groan-inducing puns.


Game designer Chris Garrett previously focused on word games.  His most recent iOS word game, QatQi, was critically acclaimed and reached #2 in the word games category at launch.

Word games are by nature tied to a specific language, and further limited because they appeal to gamers with a specialized word gaming vocabulary.  Chris was looking for a way to provide a word gaming experience without these constraints.  He wanted a game that could be played by an eight-year-old or a Chinese speaker.

Chris came up with the idea for Moji Match in the summer of 2015.  The basic idea is to use repeating patterns of emojis and numbers to create “words” using tiles that are placed on a game board.  Players take turns trying to make the highest total score.  Moji Match began as a physical board game using wooden tiles and emoji stickers.  Friends and family loved the game so he started working on a mobile version.

A limited Moji Match beta was released in March 2016.

Moji Match will launch in the United States in August 2017.

 The Team

The Moji Match team all hail from the Hudson Valley region of upstate New York.

Chris Garrett, designer and developer, is from Pleasant Valley.

Tyler Walker, sound designer and developer, is from Highland.

Shauna Keating, designer and artist, is from New Paltz.

Sarah Jacob, CFO extraordinaire, is from Kingston.

Natalia Ballester just graduated from SUNY New Paltz and is creating our promo videos.

About Emojis

Emojis were first developed in Japan, and are now part of a Unicode set of characters that is governed by the Emoji Consortium.  The consortium chooses which emojis will become “official.”  The emoji standard provides a high level description of each emoji, such as “Avocado” but each platform gets to choose what an avocado looks like.  That’s why emojis look different on iOS, Android, and Windows.

Apple provides a license for developers to use its fonts, which includes the “Apple Color Emojis” font, in their apps and marketing materials.

Emoji Culture and News

Apple announced a preview of iOS 11 emojis coming this fall.

The Emoji Movie is a critically panned movie released in July 2017.  It got such bad reviews that the New York Times wrote a followup about movies that got worse reviews.

July 17th is World Emoji Day.

Emojipedia maintains a useful database of all emojis on all platforms.

Emoji Wrap is a site dedicated to emoji news.

Emojicon is an emoji-focused conference that started in 2016.


Screen Shots

SS Game Medium

Make emoji “words” on a game board


SS Explosion 1

Emojis explode when you make a great move.

SS Explosion 2   SS Explosion 3

SS Commentary 1

Ridiculous emoji puns

SS Game List

Play with your friends

SS Leaderboard

Compete for the biggest emoji collection


SS Opponent 2

See your friends’ stats

SS Avatar Editor

Customize your avatar with the emojis you have won

The printed version of the Moji Match board.

An early prototype of the Moji Match board game.

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